Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Zaida Parveen

Zaida Parveen plays the role of jyoti mother in Jyoti which airs in ndtv imagine.

 A still from the serial Jyoti, starring Sneha Wagh, Sanjay Batra, Zaida Parveen.
 jyoti and her mom having sweets.
 Jyoti and her mom, a still from the show Jyoti.
 Jyoti mom Padma in the show Jyoti
 Jyoti shares her happiness with Padma and Sudha in the show Jyoti
 Jyoti''''s mom, Padma and Jyoti''''s Father from the serial Jyoti.
 Jyoti''s mother, Padma while worshiping, a still from the serial Jyoti.
 Padma ready her daughter Sushma in the show Jyoti
Sneha Wagh (Jyoti) and Zaida Parveen (Padma, Jyoti''''s mom) from the serial Jyoti.

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